Sani Karic

Founder & CEO

Stuttgart Germany

SEO, Digital Marketing, Web & Graphic Design, Animation & more!


FromJan 2017ToPresent

Visual Media Factory®Stuttgart, Germany

Founder & CEO

✔ Search Engine Optimization
🎯 Social Media Management
🚀 Digital Marketing
🌐 Web Design
🎨 Graphic Design
🎬 Video Production
🎞 Animation
💻 Tech Support

FromJan 2020ToPresent

WP Control®Stuttgart, Germany

Founder & CEO

The WP Control® free WordPress Plugin made by our dev team at Visual Media Factory® allows you to manage multiple WP websites from one dashboard.

FromJan 2020ToPresent

The WP Shop®Stuttgart, Germany

Founder & CEO

The WP Shop is a website that provides a lot of premium products (software) necessary for the development of websites, including WordPress themes and plugins, PHP-scripts, JavaScript, HTML-templates etc. at a lower cost than retail value.

The new subsidiaries and startups I created are:

-Animation Media Factory®
-The WP Shop®
-WP Control®
-Nasa Radnja®


Visual Media Factory® is a marketing, web design, app development, animation, content creation, cloud partner and more for small and medium-sized businesess. We strive to deliver top and effective marketing solutions and web based services!


Animation and 3D Design were the newest feats at our #CreativeLab in the end of 2019 and we recognized both of them as large scale projects at Visual Media Factory® that have the ability to grow as a standalone brands. In order to deliver the high-quailty work we did so far and cinema-grade animations we founded and branded our newest subsidiary as Animation Media Factory®.


The WP Shop® is dedicated to provide Premium WordPress themes, plugins, affordable managed hosting for WordPress, instructional content and much more for a broad audience with ease of use, quick and easy installations even with a beginner level experience!


While creating and managing websites day to day for the last 5 years and enduring the constant effort to log in to sites and manage on by one every time me and my team came to the idea to create a tool that will allow web designers to save a lot of time by streamlining the login, control, management and maintenance process.  The WP Control® plugin allows you to manage and control multiple WordPress websites from one dashboard. It is designed to be a dashboard that helps you save time and nerves by automating your workflow, so you could focus on things that matter. It is fast, secure and free for an unlimited number of websites.


Nasa Radnja® is a shop oriented startup I launched with two partners in Bosnia. Our primary goal is to offer products from premium and top brands  from the whole world while having prices under retail value! We are able to achieve that becouse we order huge stock quaintities and import products directly and bypass “the middle man” and with that offer lower prices. We are currently in Beta Test Phase with our web shop and android shop app and will be lauching for the public in the end of spring of 2020.


The DigMarketplace® is a startup we are lanching also in end of spring 2020. The main goal is to provide trending and modern digital products and games with instant delivery after payment while keep prices under retail value with our bulk software auction aquisitions, bulk product keys orders and our long-term suppliers.