WP Control® WordPress Management Plugin 2020

So you’re looking for a better way to manage WordPress websites? We have you covered! Our team is preparing a free WordPress plugin with premium features that will allow you to manage multiple WP installations from one place!


The WP Control® plugin allows you to manage your WordPress websites from one dashboard. Manage your sites in the comfort of your hand! Our WordPress Control plugin is a dashboard that helps you save time and nerves by automating your workflow, so you could focus on things that matter. It is fast, secure and free for an unlimited number of websites. Update, check, manage multiple WordPress installations easy and fast!


Just the hassle of logging into each of your websites is enough to ruin and take over your day. WP Control® compiles the data from all of your sites on one dashboard, so you can check up on your websites in a single glance. And if you need to take a better look at a particular website, you’re just a click away.


60 updates on 15 websites? Update them all with a single click. And it’s not just updates that are easy and fast! Clean spam, database overhead, run security checks and more – with JUST ONE CLICK k you can do these things on all your websites at once.


A reliable backup is the backbone of any online business. And we have a premium cheap monthly backup option for all of your websites. It’s, incremental, reliable, and works where other site backup solutions fail. The Backup includes monthly scheduled backup, off-site storage, 1-click restore, American or European storage choice and the option to exclude files and folders as you see fit. The premium Backup gives you on-demand backups, weekly/daily/hourly backup cycles & much more.


Updating plugins & themes is a huge pain, so we came with this: a backup is automatically created before each update. After the update, the system checks the website and rolls back automatically if something’s wrong. And the best part is that you can set these updates to run at 3am, when the website traffic as its lowest so your clients don’t feel any perfomance!


Summarize your hard work in a professional-looking report and send it to your clients to showcase your work. The free Client Report includes basic customization and on-demand reports. The premium Client Report lets you white label and automate your reports.


Slow or infected websites are bad for business. Luckily, you can now keep tabs on your websites with regular performance & security checks. The free Security Check & Performance Check come with fully functional checks and logging. Premium versions let you fully automate the checks, and get an SMS or an email if something’s wrong.


Connect multiple Google Analytics accounts, and keep track of all the important metrics from one place.


Be the first to know when your website is down with both email and SMS notifications, and get your website back online before anyone else notices.


What used to take you hours of work and nerves of steel is now a one-click operation. Pick a source website, pick a destination website, click Go. Within minutes, you website will be alive and kicking on a new server. Yeah, it’s that easy.


Be on top of your website rankings and figure out which keywords work best for you, as well as keeping on eye on your competitors. This way you will know how well you stack up against them.


We will be giving out 50 premium version to the first 50 users who message us!

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